Delonte west and lebrons mother dating

After his first five seasons in the NBA, Delonte West was the kind of player who basketball obsessives knew and loved, a fan favorite who hadn’t drawn much mainstream attention. West explained to the officer that he was carrying weapons: a 9 mm Beretta, a Ruger .357 magnum, a Remington 870 shotgun, shotgun shells, and a bowie knife. Around 10 p.m., not far from his home in Prince George’s County, Maryland, he was pulled over on his three-wheeled Can-Am Spyder motorcycle for making an unsafe lane change.We used to be cool jo be we aren’t cool no more Homie,” tweeted West.James has yet to respond to West, but don’t expect the two to be chumming it up on the court or otherwise anytime soon.At the Cleveland Cavaliers’ media day, West said that people would eventually understand that the highway arrest was “not as big as some are making it.” But he was advised by his lawyer not to talk about what happened until after the trial, which was postponed until the following July.For the rest of the season, West did not speak to the media at all. Two months before the arrest, he’d married his college sweetheart.His mother hadn’t graduated high school, let alone college.

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and he says that is the reason he didn't name his son after him. back in 2010, in the middle of the NBA playoffs, a rumor emerged saying that Delonte had sex with Le Bron James' mother Gloria.

and apparently, the NBA star is totally cool with it.

Lambo has reportedly been dating Gloria James for about a year ...

The police later reported that the shotgun was in a guitar case.

, citing West’s diagnosis the year before with what had been described in the press as a mood disorder.

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